[INFO] Episode 18: Mina and Tania talk Droughtlander and anime
5x5 Podcast Ep 18: Mina and Tania talk Droughtlander and anime

Hang on to your kilts lassies! This week Mina and I talk about the swoon-inducing Outlander television series that’s a romance, historical fiction, AND a time-travel story. I also geek out on the future-utopia-dystopia Psycho-Pass and other anime series I’ve been watching these days

[INFO] Episode 17: Mina checks out Rugby, and Tania fangirls at the Ruroken film premiere

Did you miss us? Mina and I are livestreaming this week’s podcast episode on Wednesday, August 27, at 8pm Manila Time on our YouTube channel. For this episode, Mina tells us how much fun she had watching the Philippine Volcanoes’ rugby game in Hong Kong, and the Stephanie Perkins’s latest book Isla and the Happily Ever After. I’ll tell you what happened at the Asian Red Carpet premiere of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, the live-action adaptation of the anime, which was graced by the film’s director and stars (There was touching!), and how many times I’ve seen the film (so far)

[INFO] Episode 16: Untrue Detectives, Geeking out on a new mystery novel, and other things

We’re back! Geek out with on what we’ve been watching and reading lately. We’re talking fictional detectives — who’s your favorite? And what is Bombyx Mori? Join us on Thursday, June 26 at 3.30pm (Manila Time GMT+8) for our live podcast

[INFO] Episode 15: Girls talk comics and comics by girls, with artist Tintin Pantoja

Tintin Pantoja of Comic School Manila chatted with us about comic books and creating comics. What does it take to be a comics artist? Find out in this episode

[INFO] Episode 14: Kissing in the Rain, S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, comic books on TV

Did you miss us? Mina and I are back on the #5x5podcast today at 3.30pm to geek out on new webseries and upcoming tv shows. Are you ready?

Please tweet your comments/questions using the hashtag #5x5podcast, or comment on this post. You may listen to the LIVE broadcast at 3.30pm today here.

Five by Five Podcast - Episode 14

[INFO] Episode 13: Steamy reads for the summer, new GoT season, S.H.I.E.L.D. shenanegans

We’ll talk about Buqo’s new NTSF romance ebooks (#buqosteamyreads) and our feels for the new season of “Game of Thrones“. Also, with all that’s happened in Captain America: Winter Soldier, how are things over at “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”?

[INFO] Episode 12: Divergent, SHEO, Rurouni Kenshin

Did you miss us? We hope you did, because we’re back with a spanking new podcast episode today, Wednesday, March 26. Mina will talk about the new Divergent movie, and all her Theo James/SHEO feels. And also ziplines. I will spazz about the trailer for the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin movie. You guys ready

[5X5] 011 – Geeking out about “300: Rise of an Empire”, “True Detective”

This week, Mina and I Geek Out on the recently concluded first season of HBO’s “True Detective” and the weird cut-up Philippine theater version of 300:Rise of an Empire (and why it’s kind of like The Mighty Ducks). We also discuss what makes a television pilot fail, and if the new tv show “Star-Crossed” is “Roswell” crossed with District Nine, or just “Alien Nation” with abs and less awesomeness

[INFO] Episode 10: Rugby talk with fans Kesh and Kat

This week the #5x5podcast is broadcasting at 7:00 PM, Friday, Feb 28!

Tania and Mina will be talking to rugby and football fans Kesh and Kat (and hopefully they can explain to sports-challenged Mina and Tania what the fuss is about!).

[INFO] Episode 9: Blog tours for books, with guest Dia Pelaez

Iloilo-based book blogger Dia Pelaez (of Book Junkie Joint) is joining us on February 20, 7:30 PM! She’ll talk about blog tours, how they’re done, and how a book by a Pinoy author can go on a blog tour too.

Also, our thoughts on Piolo’s new movie!

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