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[5X5] 011 – Geeking out about “300: Rise of an Empire”, “True Detective”

Five by Five Podcast - Episode 11
The Five By Five Podcast
[5X5] 011 – Geeking out about "300: Rise of an Empire", "True Detective"

This week, Mina and I Geek Out on the recently concluded first season of HBO’s “True Detective” and the weird cut-up Philippine theater version of 300:Rise of an Empire (and why it’s kind of like The Mighty Ducks). We also discuss what makes a television pilot fail, and if the new tv show “Star-Crossed” is “Roswell” crossed with District Nine, or just “Alien Nation” with abs and less awesomeness.

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Oh, and don’t forget to catch the launch of Kate Evangelista‘s new book Til Death at National Bookstore in Glorietta 1 at 4pm on 15 March 2014. Kate will sign your copies of her books, and Mina will be hosting the event!

5×5 Episode 011 – 13 March 2014

Five by Five Podcast - Episode 11


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