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[INFO] Episode 17: Mina checks out Rugby, and Tania fangirls at the Ruroken film premiere

5x5 Podcast Ep 17: Mina checks out rugby, Tania fangirls at the Ruroken premiere

Did you miss us? Mina and I are livestreaming this week’s podcast episode on Wednesday, August 27, at 8pm Manila Time on our YouTube channel. For this episode, Mina tells us how much fun she had watching the Philippine Volcanoes’ rugby game in Hong Kong, and the Stephanie Perkins’s latest book Isla and the Happily Ever After. I’ll tell you what happened at the Asian Red Carpet premiere of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, the live-action adaptation of the anime, which was graced by the film’s director and stars (There was touching!), and how many times I’ve seen the film (so far).

You may post your comments/questions in the comment section below, or even better, tweet with us during the livestream. Just post a tweet with your comment/question and the hashtag #5x5podcast.

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When she is not creating gifs of a Japanese rock band that shall remain unnamed and posting them on Tumblr, Tania is an I.T. consultant, a resource speaker, sometimes a writer, an Photoshop and layout artist who cannot draw, and a semi-professional fangirl. She loves Korean pop and Japanese television, and owns two Starfleet uniforms that no longer fit her.

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