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[INFO] Episode 18: Mina and Tania talk Droughtlander and anime

Hang on to your kilts laddies (or your laddies’ kilts, lassies)! This week Mina and I talk about the swoon-inducing Outlander television series that’s a romance, historical fiction, AND a time-travel story. I also geek out on the future-utopia-dystopia Psycho-Pass and other anime series I’ve been watching these days.

It’s not happening live — we did it over fancy breakfast at Bizu (which we’re giving a shout-out to because I left my power cord adapter and they kept it safe till we got back there to pick it up) — but it will be broadcast live on the 5×5 Podcast YouTube channel or you can just watch the embedded video above. If you’re late, you can still catch up, so don’t worry.

We will, however, be live-tweeting during the live broadcast. You may post your comments/questions in the comment section below, or even better, tweet with us during the livestream. Just post a tweet with your comment/question and the hashtag #5x5podcast.

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When she is not creating gifs of a Japanese rock band that shall remain unnamed and posting them on Tumblr, Tania is an I.T. consultant, a resource speaker, sometimes a writer, an Photoshop and layout artist who cannot draw, and a semi-professional fangirl. She loves Korean pop and Japanese television, and owns two Starfleet uniforms that no longer fit her.

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