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[INFO] Episode 20: Steampunk! Plus we talk about genres we’d like to see more of in local fiction

Mina and Tania are back after the loooong weekend. Mina just read a steampunk novel and she and Tania discuss steampunk and the different genres in local fiction, and what they’d like to read more of.

Join Mina and Tania at 8pm, on Wednesday, January 21 for this 5×5 Podcast livestream. Tweet them your comments and questions using the hashtag #5x5podcast or put them on the comments section of this video.

5x5 episode 20 - Steampunk! Plus, we talk about the genres we'd like to see more of in local fiction

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When she is not creating gifs of a Japanese rock band that shall remain unnamed and posting them on Tumblr, Tania is an I.T. consultant, a resource speaker, sometimes a writer, an Photoshop and layout artist who cannot draw, and a semi-professional fangirl. She loves Korean pop and Japanese television, and owns two Starfleet uniforms that no longer fit her.

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