Episode 1 - Author Kate Evangelista
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[INFO] Pilot! – 26 December 2013

Episode 1 - Author Kate Evangelista

We hope everyone is having a fun holiday season! (Yes we know that traffic is a mess, our relatives think we’re gaining weight, and we’re all very nearly broke — but still! Happy thoughts.)

In the spirit of positivity and geeky fun that costs nothing, we (Tania and Mina) are resurrecting a thing we used to do — the podcast about fun and geeky stuff. Welcome to theĀ Five By Five podcast, where we talk about the things we love. It’s not just any ol’ podcast — it’s a LIVE one. Yes, the Five By Five podcast will be streamed live on YouTube, and will be available after the broadcast on our YouTube channel so if you miss the live airing, you can still listen to it (and make your friends listen to it) anytime.[…]